“A legend on the Bristol scene, Rita’s songs are an explosion of sexual, religious and social imagery driven by an energy that comes across just as strongly in an acoustic set as when Rita performs with a band.”

Known for her insurmountable stage presence, Rita performs with her three piece band, and occasionally solo. She’s known for her time spent as guitarist in Bristol Art-Rock band the Blue Aeroplanes, of which her accompanying musicians are current members.

Rita Lynch was born in South London in 1961. She attended Catholic school and was taught to play guitar by nuns.

After leaving school she played her first shows as Rita & The Piss Artists, an all-girl punk band. Playing bass guitar – ‘seemed the easiest’ – the band became an excuse to get drunk a lot.

When that band broke up she joined God Bless You initially as a bassist. Finding that she had a good singing voice Lynch dropped the bass & concentrated on vocals which she shared with Dave Ryan. When God Bless You faded out Lynch decided to launch herself as a singer-songwriter. Eventually she got a band together to record her 1st album ‘Call Me Your Girlfriend’. Released in 1991, this was toured throughout the UK and Europe.

Until 2006 Lynch continued to play solo and with a band when she joined the Blue Aeroplanes. Continuing playing with her own band which evolved into the current three-piece line-up featuring John Langley on drums and Mike Youé on bass.

In her time as a musician Rita has: been a member of the Blue Aeroplanes, had her music in several films and TV shows, shared band members with Massive Attack, and was the main feature of a channel 4 documentary in the nineties.”